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Featuring exceptional white diamonds and a 0.59 carat, fancy orangy pink, pear shape diamond, set in 18K rose gold and platinum.

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Jewelry creations 3.719 carat, old mine Colombian emerald ring, accented by two brilliant cut, fancy vivid yellow diamonds



3.71 carat, old mine Colombian Emerald ring. Accented by two brilliant cut, Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

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Jewelry creations Natural pearl and diamond drop earrings, 6.16 & 6.60 carat



6.16 & 6.60 carat, natural colored pearl and diamond drop earrings

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Our bespoke, luxury jewelry creations are as individual as those who wear them. Whether you wish to commission a distinctive gift for yourself or a loved one, or seek to create a timeless engagement ring as precious as the person you intend to marry, we would be delighted to assist. Our impeccable, tailored service allows the chance to become as closely involved in the creative process as you desire, providing the freedom to create intensely personal, distinctive works that will captivate for years to come.

Designed by John C. Kulukundis and intricately handcrafted from the finest, individually sourced jewels and precious metals; each exquisite Janus Creation – whether commissioned or from the current collection — is truly one of a kind.

So, what do you dream of?


“For me, the story always begins with a specific gem and the thought ‘How can I 
create a piece of jewelry that will make this stone speak?’”

Jewelry creations Natural pearl and diamond drop earrings, 6.16 & 6.60 carat


A delightful alternative to the traditional high jewelry houses, Janus Creations’ bespoke commissions offer clients the chance to create and enjoy inimitable works of jewelry, infused with their own distinct personality and style. Impeccably tailored to each client, the entire design process is overseen by John C. Kulukundis, from initial brief onwards.

Every Creations’ commission, while unique, is always guided by the choice of stone. From the rarest colored stones to the timeless simplicity of brilliant cut diamonds, precious stones are always sourced afresh for each commission, in order to find the perfect gem for each client. Exemplary connections within the trade, combined with John’s exacting eye, ensure that each stone, no matter how large or small, is always the best of its type.

In addition, Janus Creations offers a fine jewelry collection of one-off designs, each also inspired by a remarkable jewel.


Whether working to a commission or his own jewelry designs, Kulukundis delights in sourcing superb old stones for his work and treating them with respect. A fine stone may require refining and repolishing to maximise its potential, but the skill is to do so without losing its soul.

A Janus Creation can take anything from a few weeks to several months to complete, depending on its complexity. Combining creativity, ingenuity and master craftmanship of the highest level, the design process is an intricate affair, with each jewel created entirely by hand.

A deep understanding of the architecture of jewelry is required to translate a sketch into a completed jewel. Designs are finessed using CAD (computer-aided design), and a wax model is often created to show how the finished piece will look.

The design finally approved, work begins with the precious metal mount. It can take a master goldsmith days or even weeks to fashion the mount for a piece of jewelry, depending on the number of individual elements required. Next, comes the setting process. Enormous care and attention is given to each individual jewel’s setting. No matter how fabulous the gem and its mount, a badly set stone will always diminish a work’s overall appeal. Janus Creations’ gem-setters are master craftsmen who specialise solely in setting stones; such is their skill level. Lastly, another master craftsman – a specialist polisher – will polish the completed jewelry design. Constant quality checks are made during the entire process.

“When you want something to be the best, there must be meticulous attention 
to detail throughout – and if something isn’t right, you do it again. With 
bespoke jewelry design, there are no shortcuts”.